Entertainment for the whole family during high season

In July and August, Sandaya L’Anse du Brick offers a complete entertainment program for all ages. Supervised by our two animators speaking French, English and Dutch, you will have the choice between sporty, playful or creative activities. Sandaya L’Anse du Brick is a family campsite, so the animations come to an end before 23:30 to preserve the calm on the campsite. Spend a convivial and relaxing holiday with us!

Kids’ Club: discovering new activities while having fun

  • Club Kids : 5-7 years
  • Club Juniors : 8-12 years
  • Club Teens : 13-17 years

New in 2022 : We will be offering environmental workshops in which we will playfully discuss and “develop” various topics relating to environmental protection and nature with your children.

  • Food and Garden: Why eat local and seasonal? We take your children to our vegetable garden, where they can take care of the plants: planting, tending, harvesting, …
  • Biodiversity is specifically explained using the example of bees and insects and their importance for the mutual dependence between fauna and flora. Manufacturing of insect hotels.
  • Waste management: sorting, recycling and zero waste: limit waste, avoid waste and consume differently.
  • Organic waste management – alternative solutions: compost and hens. We “work” with your children in the vegetable garden where we have also set up a compost.

Family club: good mood holidays with activities for the whole family

Leisure activities for the whole family are on the agenda in the afternoon. Spend convivial moments with your family and friends on our campsite by the sea.

Challenge your family during sports tournaments: ping pong, volleyball, football … don’t miss an opportunity to show your talents. Surprise your family and reveal your performance potential at Archery Tag or Ultimate Frisbee.

Have fun as a team in challenging and strategy games or treasure hunts. Cheerful moments creating good mood times.

For those who want to take it easy, a bingo evening is organized once a week.

Bucky du Brick, the mascot of the campsite, regularly tours the campsite. To the great delight of your children, Bucky has his own autograph signing session.

Once a week a campfire evening is held on the campsite where our guests are pampered with roasted marshmallows, local specialties and drinks.

Once a week a farmers’ market is set up on the campsite with local producers.

A weekly concert is organized at the campsite bar. You can discover new talents while sipping your favorite drink inside the bar or on the terrace.

Hiking from the campsite – alone or with a guide

There are various options for hiking from the campsite: either on the coastal path GR 223 along the sea, on its variant through the heathland of the Val de Saire or in the protected forest of Fermanville.

Maps are available at reception and for those who prefer hiking accompanied, Liese offers a guided hiking tour in French / English / German every week in July and August and on some weekends during low season.

forêt de Maupertus