Sustainable Development Policy

Sandaya L’Anse du Brick is committed to a sustainable development policy to minimize its environmental impact.

The campsite was awarded several years ago with the “Clef Verte” eco-label. Developed in France in 1998, the label is since then, by the number of labeled and its anteriority, the first ecolabel for tourist accommodation in France.

That is why we are putting new working methods in place year after year, enriching the campsite’s commitment to its sustainable approach.

Politique écoresponsable Camping Sandaya L’Anse du Brick

Our respectful approach

  • Hot water for the sanitary facilities is partly produced by solar panels.
  • The water in the swimming pools is heated by a heat pump, which does not produce greenhouse gases.
  • We use water saving aerators on taps.
  • We replace each bulb with an energy saving bulb.
  • Our green spaces are maintained without pesticides.
  • Green waste is used to produce compost.
  • 80% of the chips from the pruning of our trees are reused in mulching our flower and plant beds.
  • Our staff uses electric carts to move around the campsite.
  • We avoid to print documents as much as possible; our brochures are printed on recycled paper.
  • Waste sorting is done by all our teams.
  • The rubbish and recycling containers are situated on the parking outside the campsite for our guests for a respectful practice.

New in 2021

  • Installation of a drinking water dispenser to avoid plastic bottle waste as much as possible.
  • Workshop program in the Kids‘ Club to discover biological diversity on the campsite and in the forest. Implementation of nature activities.
  • Creation of a vegetable garden for the Kids‘ Club.
  • Creation of self-service plant boxes with organic herbs for our guests.
  • Guided hikes from the campsite with Valérie and Liese to discover the biodiversity in the Val de Saire, in the protected forest of Maupertus and along the GR223 hiking trail.
Nouveautés 2021 du Camping Sandaya L’Anse du Brick
Devenir éco responsable en camping

Some helpful tips

  • Do not waste water; it is drinking water on the entire campsite. Turn off the taps, when they are not in use.
  • Fill up your drinking and glass bottles at the drinking water dispenser.
  • Turn off the lights when you leave a room, your accommodation or your pitch. Turn off the terrace lighting before going to bed. Do not leave devices unnecessarily in standby mode.
  • Close windows and doors when using the heater.
  • It is forbidden to light campfires.
  • Sort your waste. A sorting bag is offered for any stay of 7 consecutive nights. Waste sorting area at the entrance of the campsite.
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